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This site-for those who love things created with the soul, in a single copy, exclusive and author. All people are unique, and each of us is worthy of the best and unique! Let's get acquainted! Alena Fomin-Designer of clothes and decorator, I live in St. Petersburg. Distances can not prevent us from cooperating and communicating. I am the closest in spirit to the Ekomoda with its freedom and simplicity, with its humane philosophy and deep immersion in folk traditions. Ekomoda is the motto of modernity and a new fashion philosophy, it is a harmonious combination of ethics and aesthetics. This is due to the respectful attitude to manual labor and reasonable consumption of natural resources, care for health and ecology. Fashion designers began to think about animal protection and sustainable production technologies. Because are exhaustible resources cannot be treated irresponsibly!!! Lower consumption of water and energy for materials processing, reduction of production cycles and transportation-all this allows to minimize the costs of natural resources. The philosophy of the Ecomode is to get rid of reckless consumerism! If you want to buy my clothes, you here wish everyone good luck and prosperity!